COUNTRYFiseries PARTY REPORTEE à une date ultérieure

COUNTRYFiseries PARTY 2013


c'est 4h de danses (*)



Programme musical sur la base des chorégraphies suivantes :

Vicky Dance, CowBoy Boogie, 789 stroll, Hey Baby, CowGirl Twist, Neon Baby, Chattahoochee, Hearts and Flowers, Bremer, Yippie I Oh, Come Dance with me, A little bit of lovin', Amber, CowBoy Triple 2, AB Whirl, Easy Come- Easy Go, PattyCake Polka, Cucaracha, Western Barn Dance, Tush Push, Alamo, Cheyenne, Old Friend, Sticks and Stones, Shelsha for 2, Darlin', Deanie Mix, Givin'up, Red Hot Salsa, Jailhouse Rock, It's so easy, Come and Get it, My next broken heart, Redneck Girl, Caught in the act, Hooked on country, Boot Scooting Boogie, Beer for my horses, Playa Latino, Chacha One, Macca Mambo, Rio, Bye Bye Mambo, Simply Mambo,  Solo Samba, Trailerhood, Cut and Stut, ...

(liste non contractuelle et non exhaustive !)


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